APPLY Ethics™ Testimonials

From teachers:
‘APPLY Ethics has instilled a deep sense of morality in the students at Roedean School. The theoretical foundation of the workbook is remarkably comprehensive, and provides intellectually stimulating and relevant ethical dilemmas, through which students are able to immerse themselves into the world of ethics. As students progress through the course, light is shed on their guiding philosophies and values, and they are equipped with the skills needed to understand and apply these concepts to relevant examples in their everyday lives.’
Nicolette Carboni, Roedean School
‘This strategy really gives us, the boys and I, the ability to avoid “knee jerk” reaction. More thoughtful citizens can only be good for our country. Thank you for designing this strategy.’
Esme Momberg, St. Alban’s College
‘It fitted extremely well into our 45 minute tutor periods, once a week, for all Grade 9s ,10s and 11s. With our boys largely being boarders and away from home it is essential that constant discussion around ethics takes place to ensure a safe environment. This course was extremely effective and dealt with the complex scenarios that the youth are faced with on a daily basis. What was interesting to note was how well the pupils engaged with the material and that real insight was gained.’
Gunther Marx, Vice Principle (Student Affairs) St. Andrew’s College
‘Thank you for your wonderful course!!! I really enjoy facilitating it.’
Bronwen Roberts, Kingsmead College
‘In short, I think it’s fantastic. So many of the leadership programmes I’ve seen in the past three years have lacked the ethical component, without which we will revert back to the whole “power and privilege” scenario. I definitely think that we should roll this out.’
From students:
‘It provides a platform from which we can make wise, well thought-out decisions based on our core values and beliefs that we will not regret later on in our lives.’
‘I’ve learned something that I didn’t notice that it was important.’
‘I think it has been useful in making us think about things that we wouldn’t have thought about otherwise.’
‘It allows you to not only see how something will affect you but also how it will affect those around you.’
‘It has made dealing with difficult issues so much easier.’
‘Very good and well focused, motivating and inspiring.’
‘She taught us about morals and how to apply them and also the difference between doing wrong and right.’
‘It takes us back to a sense that we understand that a person must respect his/herself before he/she (can) practice it to others.’
‘It made me understand how ethics impact us in everyday life.’
‘It has helped me to know who I am and where I’m going in life to understand the importance of ethics in life.’
‘I was very impressed … it changed my mind set so now when something happens I would always think both ways so I could be on the right path. Thank you.’
‘Before learning about the APPLY Ethics tool, I would make a decision on my “gut feeling” but after having to really think about what I believe in and what values I believe to be the most important to me I think it will get me to take more time in making decisions and choosing the “right thing to do”.’
‘It helps you make the best possible decision/action instead of taking action impulsively.’
From parents:
‘Our children are just living in a completely different world to what most of us grew up in and they have different values about what is ethical. Many of these things are rightly questioned – I hear adults questioning many ethics and values that I would not think of doing. So the boys are faced with different decisions, different approaches and outcomes. If we dig deeper in society (as man has made it) one DOES wonder whether we should indeed question many things, which we are taught are ethical! It’s going to be interesting to see how we (children, us adults, our beliefs etc.) challenge or accept certain ethics.’
‘This looks brilliant, thanks so much. We sometimes feel like dinosaurs in the values that we uphold so it will be wonderful for the kids to hear and discuss these issues in their ‘independent world’, away from home. I am sure that the discussions will be fascinating.’
‘Moral courage is dominated by both how we think and to some degree our upbringing. The latter is addressed as your attached articles states less by the “under pressure” family environment and to a greater extent at school and the associated school environment. This “filling the gap” as is stated, is left to the teachers and as such this program provides a framework for the discussion within Life Orientation and I applaud your efforts.’
Feedback from talks:
‘I thought she was amazing. Very interesting and thought provoking. I think she should give this talk at TED talks.’
‘Enjoyable and most informative! Thank you. The parts relating to teenagers were particularly relevant… Case studies brought the facts to life and were, to me, the most interesting of the whole presentation. Susan’s conversational tone and casual style of presenting certainly draws the listener in! Thank you again for a most interesting and applicable presentation.’
‘I thought it was very interesting and most relevant. The presentation was slick and the images relevant and interesting. It was particularly interesting to me as a parent of a near teenager when she went into the details on the brain and differences in how teenagers make moral decisions. I also enjoyed from a historical perspective how decisions are made in media.’
‘It was amazing! It really applies to anyone who has a job. APPLY really made me think of so many situations in my life and my job and I thought it was brilliant.’
‘One of the most valuable and informative presentations I have ever attended!’
‘I started off thinking I knew everything – we deal with these issues daily. However, I found her talk fascinating. It gave me insight into the government and ways things are run in this country… I think she was great.’

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