APPLY Ethics™ for Business


With the seemingly endless waves of immorality pounding virtually every institution, South Africans can be forgiven for feeling demoralized.
Why would otherwise good people do unethical things in business? Is it about the bad apple in the bunch or are there other dynamics?
There is the context to consider, the situation and the organisation but a specific combination can lead to something ethicists call ‘ethical blindness’, which is the temporary inability to see the ethical aspects of a decision. Our program highlights and unravels the circumstances that can lead to ethical blindness.
APPLY Ethics™ is a process designed to augment ethical thought. In this straightforward, practical program, users are taught how to make ethical decisions when ethics collide.
Real case studies are examined wherein the morality of the modus operandi is analysed, giving those undertaking the program the opportunity to employ the APPLY Ethics framework.
If we are to shrug off negative attitudes; if we aspire to developing a society in which we have faith; if we are to set a moral compass, we must teach our workforce to act ethically.
An APPLY Ethics™ workbook is provided for those undertaking the program. Companies may choose to purchase the license to institute in-house training, or may elect to have an authorised practitioner conduct workshops on the premises or at an outside location.
Alternatively, they may elect to have either one or a series of talks about ethics – where they come from; how unreliable they can be; the need to actively learn about them.
Assess; Principles; Philosophy; Loyalties; Yes/No Questions
APPLY Ethics™

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