APPLY Ethics for Schools


Families today are under siege. Two in every three marriages end in divorce with the concomitant time and economic pressures of single parenting. Although technology has brought many benefits, it has also isolated families. Children now have autonomy in areas that were once family domain and parents are kept in the dark.
In a nutshell, fewer of our children are getting the ethical guidance that takes place when functional families spend extended time together.
APPLY Ethics™ is a 5-step reasoned framework for making ethical decisions, and is designed to fit into the Life Orientation curriculum with its focus not only on ethics and ethical decision-making, but also on critical thinking, human rights, religious consideration as well as life skills.
The program consists of a student workbook with 5 case studies, as well as a teacher’s guide.
As time is often limited, there is another option: A workshop with students that includes the salient points of the program with an emphasis on getting to know themselves.

Reactions from teens have been overwhelmingly positive:
‘This has changed the way I think.’
‘I’ve never thought about things like this before.’
‘I’ll definitely use these ideas throughout my life.’

Case Study


Your best friend has told you a secret but has sworn you to secrecy. You have been best friends since primary school, and you know each other and each other’s families really well.


Something has happened to your friend in high school. It started in grade 9 when your group started hanging around with a group of people from another school. One of the guys in your new group is a bit of a loose cannon. He’s fun and funny, but he also started drinking before anyone else did, and now he’s into drugs – just some dagga at first, but he’s into other, more hectic things now.


You try to avoid this guy whenever you see him but your friend really seems to be taken by him, and they hang around together every weekend. Your friendship is not so strong anymore, but your friend has told you, in confidence, that they get high together. And last weekend you were at a house party and you could definitely see your friend was on something and was behaving strangely. You’ve noticed that your friend’s marks are going down, and other people are starting to ask you what’s going on.


So – what do you do?

If we are to move forward in our thinking; if we want to shrug off attitudes of the past; if we aspire to developing a society in which we have faith, we must teach our future leaders to think and act ethically.

Assess; Principles; Philosophies; Loyalties; Yes/No Questions
APPLY Ethics™

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