APPLY Ethics™ for Government


The international press has feasted on the shortcomings of the South African government. The Economist and the Wall Street Journal, amongst others, have cast our leadership in a deplorable light, highlighting the lack of ethics, particularly, as a major problem.
But we can take a positive step towards staunching the moral onslaught.
While one cannot teach another to behave ethically, awareness can be raised and the awareness of deliberating thoughtfully on ethical decisions can prompt more ethical choices.
APPLY Ethics™ is a short program that explains the process of ethical decision-making at virtually any level with its focus not only on ethics but also on critical thinking.
An authorised practitioner will guide those undertaking the program through the process. Each participant will be assisted with an APPLY Ethics workbook wherein applicable case studies will be examined.
Alternatively, departments may elect to have either one or a series of talks about ethics – where they come from; how unreliable they can be; the need to actively learn about them.
Assess; Principles; Philosophy; Leadership; Yes/No Questions
APPLY Ethics™

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